Viking Line färja på havet

Take the bus to the Viking Line ferries at Stadsgården

We offer bus rides between Cityterminalen and the Viking Line ferries at Stadsgården. The departures are adapted to the departures and arrivals of the Viking LIne ferries. To see departure times, please use our search engine by clicking on "Timetable".

We also offer rides between Stadsgården and Skansen main entrance at Djurgården. The bus departs daily at 10.45 from Stadsgården and the ride back is at 15.00 from Skansen. To see departure times please use our search engine by clicking on "Timetable".

Ticket type App/Online price Full price
Adult, single 60 SEK 60 SEK
Adult, round trip 110 SEK 110 SEK
Youth, single 40 SEK 40 SEK
Youth, round trip 70 SEK 70 SEK

Youth tickets are valid for people from age 6 to 11 (inclusive). Two children up to 5 years travel free of charge with a full fare paying adult. If one adult travel with more than 2 children, youth price is payed (6-11 years) from child number 3. No student- or senior-discount.

Please buy your ticket in advance to make the boarding quicker.

Flygbussarna's ticket desk in Cityterminalen

The ticket office is open daily 03:15-19:30, except for Saturday (03:15-19:00). We accept credit card and cash (Swedish currency only).

Ticket machine in Cityterminalen

You can find ticket machines at Gate 2, 3 & 5.

On board the boat

In Viking Line's ticket office at Stadsgården.

On board the bus

Only credit card, no cash is accepted.

Viking Line

  • Stockholm City
  • Djurgården
  • Nordiska Muséet
  • Viking Line

Travel with children

Can I bring an infant on the bus?

Children of all ages are welcome to travel with Flygbussarna when accompanied by an adult. We offer cushions to children over 3 years of age. You are welcome to bring your own child safety seat for infants, all of our buses are equipped with three point seat belts where a safety seat can be attached. You can also travel with the child in your lap, and in that case only you should use the seat belt.


Why don’t I get any results when searching for departures?

Your search date is probably in the upcoming future and our existing timetable expires before that date. We always publish new timetables at least 2 weeks before the old one expires. When searching we will let you know how far ahead in time you are able to search.  

Tickets – validity time and usage

I would like to travel in opposite direction to what my tickets says.

No problem, all of our tickets are valid in either direction on the chosen route and for three months.

I bought several trips at once but I only have one ticket. Can I use this ticket several times?

Yes! There can be several trips on one ticket, the same scanning code and ticket can be used several times, until there are no trips left. If only one trip is to be used when you travel, please inform the driver, so that several trips are not used by mistake.  

I have 10 single trips on a plastic card. But how long are they valid for?

When you load a card with 10 new trips, the validity time is one year from the first usage of trip on card. On the receipt you will receive when purchasing the trips the time of purchase will be available.

Can my friend use my Flygbussarna ticket instead of me?

Yes, all of our tickets are non personal and can be used by anyone. Just forward the scanning code to the person who is travelling. 

When can I use the family ticket?

Our family ticket can be purchased for all our Arlanda routes to and from the airport. Two adults and up to three youths between 8 and 17 years travel for 349 SEK One way and 698 SEK Roundtrip. Up to four children (7 years or younger) may travel in the same company at no extra cost.

Examples of when the Family ticket pays off:

2 adults, 3 youths
Ordinary price: 535 SEK
Online price: 465 SEK
Family ticket price: 349 SEK

2 adults, 2 youths
Ordinary price: 436 SEK
Onlineprice: 376 SEK
Family ticket price: 349 SEK

1 adult, 3 youths
Ordinary price: 416 SEK
Online price: 366 SEK
Online family ticket price: 349 SEK

1 adult, 4 youths (youth takes one adult seat)
Ordinary price: 501 SEK
Online price: 455 SEK
Online family ticket price: 349 SEK

Problems when purchasing

I have bought my ticket in the app but I haven’t received a receipt.

Please have a look in your trash mail. Sometimes it ends up there. If you still can’t find your receipt, you can e-mail and we will send you a new one.

Ticket refunds

Can I get my unused ticket refunded?

Partly used tickets will not be refunded (e.g. a return ticket used once). Unused tickets bought online will be refunded at no extra cost within the validity time. Unused tickets bought at ticket desk, on board the bus, through a reseller or in a machine will be refunded within the validity time for a administrative fee of 20% of ticket price. Please use our contact form for refunds